Puerto Rico Comic Con and Hollywood celebrities join forces to aid in the Island’s recovery 


· The event works alongside Illumina Productions, Random Acts LLC, and Stands LLC to undertake the INDIVISIBLE t-shirt campaign, to benefit the Por Los Nuestros Fund.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – In the wake of Hurricane Maria’s passing through the Caribbean, Puerto Rico Comic Con has joined forces with Hollywood industry professionals to launch the INDIVISIBLE campaign, a fundraising effort jointly undertaken talent management agency Illumina Productions and the non-government entities Random Acts LLC and Stands LLC. One hundred percent of the funds raised through the INDIVISIBLE t-shirt campaign will benefit the Por Los Nuestros Fund, a wholly Puerto Rican endeavor that carries out rescue and relief efforts in several areas, including education and health, among others.

“The storm’s passing may have impacted all sectors, but it will never break the Puerto Rican spirit of overcoming adversity. We’ve joined forces with our friends in the entertainment world and call on everyone – geek or not – to support this campaign and be a part of the country’s recovery process. We all have the responsibility to help Puerto Rico and rebuild its future. We must remember that we are Puerto RiCANs, not Puerto RiCAN’Ts,” said Ricardo Carrión, executive producer of Puerto Rico Comic Con.

For her part, Julie Caitlin Brown, Hollywood talent manager and president of Illumina Productions, noted: “I have been blessed to visit Puerto Rico with my celebrity clients and quickly found a connection with the beautiful people and the island.  What makes America great is our ability to be diverse and at the same time, indivisible, our diversity giving us the strength and depth of a multi-cultural United States, and our loyalty and commitment to each other as Americans.  Our goal is two-fold: To raise money for those in need and to remind those on the mainland that Puerto Rico is part of the United States, we stand with them, indivisible.”

In addition, Rachel Miner, director of the Random Acts non-profit, added: 'Lack of shelter, food, electricity, and clean drinking water have made this a humanitarian crisis the likes of which no human should have to endure. We wish with all our hearts that our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico know we stand with them to help with their recovery efforts.'

People living in and outside of Puerto Rico who wish to support the campaign and purchase the INDIVISIBLE t-shirt can do so at The Por Los Nuestros Fund is an initiative spearheaded by the Foundation for Puerto Rico with the objective of furthering sustainable solutions to address the urgent needs of the communities most affected in Puerto Rico by the storm. Among the priorities established are those related to health, specifically the prevention of epidemics and disease outbreaks associated with natural disasters. The Fund also address the potable water crisis and uses funds to help in the reconstruction of the thousands of homes destroyed in the storm. The Fund is led by businessman Manuel Cidré, the journalist Jay Fonseca, and other notable professionals committed to Puerto Rico.

As of press time, dozens of Hollywood artists have lent their support to the campaign, among them:

  • Lana Parrilla (Once Upon a Time)
  • David Ramsey (Arrow)
  • Michael Coleman (Once Upon a Time)
  • Misha Collins (Supernatural)
  • Osric Chau (Dirk Gently, Supernatural)
  • Karen David (Once Upon A Time, Galavant)
  • Beverley Elliott (Once Upon a Time)
  • Oded Fehr (The Mummy, Once Upon a Time)
  • Jared Gilmore (Once Upon A Time)
  • Rick Gonzalez (Arrow)
  • Gil McKinney (Once Upon a Time, Supernatural)
  • Rebecca Mader (Once Upon a Time, Lost)
  • Rachel Miner (Supernatural)
  • Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, Longmire)

Each day more artists join and pledge their support.

For more information, follow Puerto Rico Comic Con’s social media channels: @PRComicCon.




PRCC on Tour - Ponce cancelled

The safety and wellbeing of our fans is por priority. We have decided to cancel the PR Comic Con On Tour that was to be celebrated on October 14-15 at the Complejo Ferial, Ponce. Ticket refunds will be made through Ticketpop once their system is working properly. Sellers/Exhibitors: once our main office has power and internet we will be contacting you. Stay strong, Puerto Rico. We will rise again.


Photo Ops for the PRCC on Tour on sale now!

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“Game of Thrones” executive producer teams up with Puerto Rico Comic Con in ambitious talent search for writers

  • Vince Gerardis, of entertainment company Startling, Inc, Seeking World Builders + Planet Killers, comes to the show to fund the next great Puerto Rican fantasy/sci-fi/fiction writer

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Attention aspiring screenwriters and storytellers: Emmy-winning television professional Vince Gerardis, best known for his work as a co-executive producer on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones”, will hold the Island’s first script/story writing competition at Puerto Rico Comic Con 2017, from May 26-28, at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan.

The winner earns a contract writing job for Gerardis’ entertainment company, Startling, Inc. and will have his or her story developed in sequential art form, as well as the opportunity for the story to be optioned into derivative media, including film, TV, video game, virtual reality, augmented reality, books, etc.

“One of Puerto Rico Comic Con’s objectives since day one has been to be a crucible of local talent in the arts. The event has become an important platform for Puerto Rican creators to showcase their work. Through Startling’s initiative, local writers will have a chance to gain crucial industry exposure beyond our shores,” said Ricardo Carrión, executive producer of Puerto Rico Comic Con.

For his part, Vince Gerardis noted, “Hollywood is not blind to the incredible creative output on the Island. This is why Startling was established here, and we chose to hold the contest at Puerto Rico Comic Con because of the incredible work they have done over the past fifteen years for the local artist scene. Our goal with this and future endeavors is to foster local talent and get them through to industry professionals.”

How to participate

The script/story writing competition will take place during Puerto Rico Comic Con; therefore, event ticket purchase is required. Participants can submit their story/script outline online at, starting May 19, or they may bring their outline to the Startling, Inc. booth at Puerto Rico Comic Con from Friday, May 26 to Sunday, May 28 until 11:00am.

Story/script outline format

The outline must have a maximum of eight (8) pages and can be typed in English or Spanish, double spaced, courier font, size 12. If submitting online, please use PDF format. The following genres are accepted: comic book, superhero, science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, thriller, epic, or speculative fiction. The story must be wholly original and wholly owned; not based on any other work of any kind, written or visual, etc. 


A panel of judges will read the submissions, evaluate, and declare a winner on Sunday, May 28. The winner must present his or her story in person. Stories will be judged on the following merits: grammar; style & voice; plot; character; dialogue; situation and circumstance; syntax; world-building sophistication; prose; imagination; originality; other additional merits.

The prize

The author of the winning story will receive a three-month contract with Startling, Inc. as a for-hire writer. Plus, he or she will be guaranteed to have Startling fund a comic or graphic novel based on their story. And to top it off, Startling will have the right to option the winning story into other media.

For more information and complete details, visit or

Tickets for Puerto Rico Comic Con are on sale now at, at TicketPop locations at Walmart and Supermercados Amigo, or by calling 787.294.0001. Follow the show @PRComicCon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


Finn Jones to attend PRCC 2017!

The Last Defender arrives to the Puerto Rico Comic Con 2017! We are glad to announce Finn Jones as Special Guest. Also known as Loras Tyrell in Games of Thrones, come meet him on May 26-28. Limited autographs and Photo ops will go on sale tomorrow at 10 am at